31 October
How to include your number in 'My Number - Unknown Number' field in BlackBerry sets - detailed step by step guide.

How to include your own phone number in BlackBerry My Number field on top left of phone meny

In BlackBerryHow to download YouTube videos in your mobile (virtually any internet capable mobile from basic nokia to BlackBerry). Read more ... » when you will go to phone you will find ‘My Number :Unknown Number’ on top left. This is meant to show your cell pnone number and comes in real handy when you keep on forgeting your own number. Here’s how you can display your own number

How to include your number in ‘My Number – Unknown Number’ field in BlackBerry sets

These instructions relates specifically to BlackBerry Curve 3G – 9300. Other BlackBerry sets should have simillar steps.

  1. Go to options. Its the wrench icon on the ‘All Tray’ which comes up when you press the optical scrollar in home screen
  2. Once in the ‘Option Menu’ click on ‘Device’
  3. Click on ‘Advanced System Settings’. (This is usually at the bottom)
  4. Click ‘SIM Card’
  5. Press the menu button on keypad. Its the one with BlackBerry logo
  6. Click on ‘Edit SIM Phone Number’
  7. Change the phone number
  8. Click OK
  9. Now go to phone. Your number should be displayed at the top corner if everything works fine

Hope that helps. For any BlackBerry questions do comment here. I would try to answer them

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